1990-Present    Fellow


American Association for Cancer Research

1992                Appointed to Carcinogenesis Task Force

1992                Appointed to Program Committee (Annual Meeting)

1992                Appointed to State Legislative Action Committee (NC)

1993                Elected President, Women in Cancer Research

1994-1995       Appointed to Program Committee (Annual Meeting)

1994-2002       Appointed to Membership Development Committee and State Legislative Action Committee (Texas)

1996-2000       Appointed to Exhibits Committee

1997-1999       Elected to Nominating Committee

2000-2001       Appointed to Program Committee (Annual Meeting)

2001-2002       Appointed Chair, Career Development Award Committee

2003-2004       Appointed, Carcinogenesis Subcommittee, AACR Annual Meeting program Committee

2004-2005       Appointed, AACR Organizing Committee, Scientist-Survivor Program

2004-2005       Appointed, Program Committee, 2005 Annual Meeting, Chair, Animal Models Section, Tumor Biology

2003-2006       Appointed, AACR Laboratory Research Awards Selection Committee

2005-2006       Appointed, Program Committee, 2006 Annual Meeting, Carcinogenesis Subcommittee

2006                Member, AACR Centennial Advisory Committee, Milestones Project

2006                Appointed, Program Committee, 2006 AACR Annual Meeting, Carcinogenesis Subsection

2007                Appointed, Co-Chair, Program Committee, 2007 AACR Annual Meeting, Carcinogenesis Subsection

2008                Appointed, Bridgit Leventhal Scholar Award Committee, 2008 AACR Annual Mtg.

2008                Member, Centennial Grant Committee, 2008 AACR Annual Mtg.

2010                Appointed, Program Committee, 2011 AACR Annual Meeting

The Endocrine Society

2002-present    Member

Society of Toxicology

1990-present    Member, Molecular Biology and Carcinogenesis Specialty Sections

1991-1994       Appointed to Public Communications Committee

1992-1994       Elected Secretary/Treasurer Molecular Biology Specialty Section

1995                Elected, Vice President, Molecular Biology Specialty Section

1996-1997       Elected, President, Molecular Biology Specialty Section

1996-1999       Elected, Membership Committee, Chair 1998-99

1999-2000       Elected, Nominating Committee

2001-2003       Elected to Board of Directors

2005                Appointed, Scientific Liaison Committee

2006-2007       Appointed Chair, SOT Strategic Planning Committee for Science

2007-2008       Elected to the Presidential chain as Vice President-elect

2007-2008       Co-Chair, Program Committee, 2008 Annual Meeting (Seattle, WA)

2008-2009       Vice President and Chair, Scientific Program Committee

2009-2010     President

2010-2011       Past-President

North Carolina Chapter, Society of Toxicology

1991-1992       Elected to the Office of Councilor

Gulf Coast Chapter, Society of Toxicology

1993-present   Member

American Society for Cell Biology

1992-1998       Member