Dr. Rod Dashwood

Roderick H. Dashwood, Ph.D.

Professor & Center Director
John S. Dunn Chair in Disease Prevention


Our mission is to identify novel protective agents from natural sources and, via a new “field-to-clinic” paradigm, test for efficacy in human subjects.


CEDP figure

Epigenetics (the “software that runs the human genome”) and disease prevention is particularly innovative and exciting.  Epigenetics research is at the frontier of biomedical research and the epigenome is one of the most promising targets for disease prevention.  

Unlike the genome, the epigenome is quite “plastic” and can be (re)programmed by environmental and dietary agents to enhance human health and prevent disease.

Epigenetics research dealing with gene expression changes that can be impacted by environmental, dietary, and lifestyle factors is a major focus area for the CEDP.