July 23, 2013
Stem cell protein yields hope for cancer patients

July 22, 2013
Researchers reveal guardian of the stem cell genome

February 19, 2013
IBT researchers learn about fat cells, liver hormone

October 3, 2012

CCSCB's Wang and McKeehan join MD Anderson's Moonshot Against Prostate Cancer team

September 9, 2012
McKeehan receives 2012 School of Graduate Studies Outstanding Mentor Award

July, 2012
McKeehan receives Lifetime Achievement Award

DecemberJanuary 11, 2012
CCSCB Director Wang connects FGF control of cardiac stem cells to autophagy

December 9, 2011
CCSCB's L. Liu team establishes link between autophagy and suppression of genomic instability underlying cancer

June 27, 2011
CCSCB researchers shed light on role of testosterone in prostate cancer

April 21, 2011
CCSCB's Martin  learns more about heart: Hippo, Warts & Other Thugs (NY Times, 25 Apr 2011)

March 29, 2011
CCSCB Researchers Among Seven Texas A&M Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) Awards

February 7, 2011
CCSCB Researchers Describe Protein Integrating Microtubules and Autophagy

December 13, 2010
CCSCB Researchers Report How MicroRNA Controls Congenital Heart Disease

August 6, 2010
CCSCB Researchers Learn How a Metabolic Regulator Also Suppresses Tumors

June 11, 2010
CCSCB's Fen Wang Leads Cooperative IBT Agreement with Xiamen University

May 10, 2010
CCSCB Researchers Discover Gene's Unique Role in Atrial Fibrillation