IBT-100.00 - Document Control

IBT-101.00 - Policy Statement on Animal Research

IBT-102.00 - Institutional Animal Care and Use Program

IBT-103.00 - IACUC Member Responsibilities

IBT-104.00 - Principal Investigator Responsibilities

IBT-105.00 - Assigning USDA Pain Categories

IBT-106.00 - Protocol Review

IBT-108.00 - Protocol Amendments

IBT-109.00 - Designated Member Review

IBT-110.00 - IACUC Member Training Policy

IBT-111.00 - Education and Training of Animal Care and Use Personnel

IBT-112.00 - Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns

IBT-113.00 - Investigating Animal Concerns and Noncompliance

IBT-114.00 - Non-affiliated Member of the IACUC

IBT-115.00 - Allergy Control

IBT-200.00 - Rodent Surgery

IBT-201.01 - Non-pharmaceutical Grade Compounds Used in Research

IBT-202.00 - Anesthesia Machine/Vaporizer/Waste Gas Maintenance and Certification

IBT-203.00 - Tumor Production

IBT-204.00 - Humane Endpoints

IBT-205.00 - Euthanasia

IBT-206.00 - Toe and Tail Clipping for Identification of Mice

IBT-207.00 - Rodent Breeding & Space Requirements

IBT-208.00 - Reporting Adverse Events

IBT-209.00 - Sharpening Policy