Dr. Martin Philbert is recognized for his expertise in neurotoxicology and experimental neuropathology and most recently for his research on nanotechnology and the potential health effects of exposure to nanomaterials. He earned his PhD in Neurochemistry/Experimental Neuropathology in 1987 from London University (England). Dr. Philbert is currently a principal investigator on projects funded by grants from the NIH, the U.S. Air Force, W.M. Keck Foundation, and National Cancer Institute.  

His research focuses on the development of flexible polymer nanoplatforms for optical sensing of ions and small molecules and the early detection and treatment of brain tumors.  A separate study focuses on the effects of nano-silver on gut microflora and integrity of the gut epithelium. He is also a leader in  elucidating mechanisms of chemically induced mitochondrial encephalopathies and energy-dependent neuropathic states.