Brooke Russell

Brooke Russell

Assistant Professor

Center for Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases
2121 W. Holcombe Blvd.
Houston, TX   77030

Education and Training

Brooke received her B.S. in Microbiology from Louisiana State University in 2003. She received her Ph.D. from Texas A&M Health Science Center in 2008 with an emphasis on host-pathogen interactions under the mentorship of Dr. Yi Xu. In 2009, she initiated efforts with Dr. Magnus Hook to commercialize bacterial collagens as a postdoctoral fellow and entrepreneur with ECM Technologies, LLC. In 2012 and currently her efforts expanded to harness bacterial-derived materials for novel medical device development.

Research Interests

Brooke has three postdoctoral research fellows in her lab working to “Solve the Collagen Puzzle”.

PROBLEM: Collagen is the most abundant mammalian protein and serves as the major structural building block of most tissues from bone and cartilage to skin and blood vessels. In addition, collagen regulates many developmental and tissue regeneration processes. Specific cues in collagen interact with cells or other molecules such as growth factors, cytokines or extracellular matrix proteins. Some cues are known and others are yet to be discovered. Because of these useful properties, collagen is a clinically used biomaterial. However, only animal-derived collagen is currently available, which severely limits the usefulness of the material.


SOLUTION: Our laboratories have discovered a bacterial-collagen that can be produced as a recombinant protein (animal-free) and engineered to contain specific collagen cues. The nature, number and distribution of these cues can be varied in the bacterial-collagen thereby making a de novo collagen, “Designer Collagen”. This enabling property will allow us to define new cues and greatly expand the usefulness of collagen molecules in medical applications. Our Designer Collagen long-term goal is to better understand how we can instruct cells to achieve complex processes such as tissue regeneration and based on this knowledge, develop medical devices with clear clinical need. To explore these opportunities, we have assembled a research team composed of biomedical scientists and bioengineers.

Recent Publications

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