Vannakambadi Ganesh

Vannakambadi Ganesh

Assistant Professor

Center for Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases
2121 W. Holcombe Blvd.
Houston, TX   77030

Phone: 713-677-7555

Education and Training

University of Madras, India, B.Sc, 1990, Chemistry
University of Madras, India, M.Sc., 1992, Biophysics
University of Madras, India, M. Phil. 1994, Biophysics
University of Madras, India, Ph.D., 2000, Crystallography and Biophysics

Research Interests

Infectious diseases: structural and biochemical studies on bacterial adhesions/virulence factors-host interactions:

Dr. Ganesh’s research focuses on structural studies (X-ray crystallography and computational modeling) of Staphylococcus aureus adhesions/virulence factors-host interactions. Currently we are studying several key staphylococcus aureus virulence factors such as Clumping factors A and B, Immune system subversion protein Bbp, SdrC and secreted protein Efb’s  interactions with the host molecules. We have determined the crystal structure of ClfA in complex with a ligand derived peptide and ClfA in complex with an inhibitory therapeutic antibody that has led to the understanding on the binding and inhibition mechanism. Development of specific peptide based inhibitors of ClfA is underway and we are also interested in developing small molecule inhibitors.

Recent Publications

Recent Publications

Tim Foster, Joan Geoghegan, Vannakambadi K. Ganesh, Magnus Hook, Cell wall anchored proteins of Staphylococcus aureus. (2014) Nature Reviews Microbiology, 12, 49-62.

 Cana Ross, Xiaowen Liang, Qing Liu, Barbara E. Murray, Magnus Höök and Vannakambadi K. Ganesh. (2012) Targeted protein engineering provides insights into binding mechanism and affinities of bacterial collagen adhesins. J. Biol. Chem., 287: 34856-34865.

 Ganesh, V. K., Barbu, E. M., Deivanayagam, C. C. S., Le, B., Anderson, A., Matsuka, Y. V., Lin, S. L., Foster, T. J., Narayana, S. V. L. & Höök, M. (2011). Structural and Biochemical Characterization of Staphylococcus Clumping Factor B:Ligand Interactions. J Biol. Chem. 286(29), 25963-72.

 Vazquez, V., Liang, X., Horndahl, J.K., Ganesh, V.K., Smeds, E., Foster, T.J., Höök, M. (2011) Fibrinogen is a ligand for the S. aureus MSCRAMM Bbp (Bone sialoprotein binding protein). J Biol. Chem. 286(34), 29797-805.

 Barbu EM,  Ganesh VK,  Gurusiddappa S,  Mackenzie RC,  Foster TJ, Thomas C. Sudhof, Magnus Höök (2010) β-Neurexin Is a Ligand for the Staphylococcus aureus MSCRAMM SdrC. PLoS Pathog 6(1): e1000726.

 Joan A. Geoghegan, Vannakambadi K Ganesh, Emanuel Smeds, Xiaowen Liang, Magnus Hook, Timothy J. Foster (2010). Molecular characterization of the interaction of staphylococcal MSCRAMMS CLFA and FBL with fibrinogen. J. Biol. Chem. Feb 26; 285(9):6208-16.

 Jouko Sillanpää, Sreedhar R. Nallapareddy, Janeu Houston, Vannakambadi K. Ganesh, Agathe Bourgogne, Kavindra V. Singh, Barbara E. Murray and Magnus Höök . A Family of Fibrinogen-binding MSCRAMMs from Enterococcus faecalis, Microbiology, 155, 2390-240.

 Vannakambadi K. Ganesh, Jose Rivera, Emanuel Smeds, M. Gabriela Bowden, Elisabeth R. Wann, Shivasankarappa Gurusiddappa, Ross Fitzgerald and Magnus Höök (2008). A structural model of the Staphylococcus aureus ClfA-Fibrinogen interaction opens new avenues for the design of anti-staphylococcal therapeutics. PLoS Pathogens, Nov. 28 2008.

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 Nallapareddy SR, Sillanpaa J, Ganesh VK, Hook M & Murray BE (2007) Inhibition of Enterococcus faecium adherence to collagen by antibodies against high-affinity binding subdomains of Acm. Infect Immun 75: 3192-6.