Group of StudentsStudents at the IBT within the Texas Medical Center pursue a degree in the medical sciences as part of the Texas A&M Health Science Center Office of Graduate Programs.

A description of the philosophy of graduate education within the Graduate Program in Medical Sciences at IBT, includes research interests in the IBT Centers, admission policies, and the course of doctoral study are all found in the Graduate Student Handbook. Applications are considered for the Fall and Spring semesters. Once accepted students may begin their course work, rotations, or thesis research immediately within an IBT laboratory.

The doctoral program is designed to train a student for a lifetime of scientific endeavor focused on molecules and molecular genetics. In addition to substantial course offerings and seminars, the Ph.D. program offers informal but extensive instruction in a wide variety of research laboratories, with close contact between the student and faculty advisors.

Individual IBT faculty also affiliate with multiple graduate schools and programs, both from across the state and internationally. Students who wish to perform their thesis or dissertation research at the IBT should communicate directly with individual faculty members to determine if arrangements can be made.

For comprehensive information about the program, visit the Office of Graduate Programs. 

How to apply
Complete details about requirements and application instructions are available at Graduate Program Admissions.