ChemBridge DIVERSet-1


30,080 Compounds, 375 x 96-Well Plates


A subset of the pre-designed collection of up to 52,000 drug-like small molecules. The set was rationally selected by ChemBridge based on 3D pharmacophore analysis to cover the broadest part of biologically relevant pharmacophore diversity space. A highly recognized and proven primary screening tool for a wide range of both validated and new biological targets. Compounds are present at 10mM in DMSO (3.3-mg/mL median amount).

Maybridge HitFinder Collection


14,400 Compounds, 180 x 96-Well Plates


The HitFinder Collection maintains the structural diversity of the Maybridge Screening Collection by using an industry standard clustering algorithm based on Daylight Fingerprints and Tanimoto similarity to select a statistically representative sample of the full Collection of over 56,000 smal molecules. Users of the HitFinder™ Collection therefore gain cost-effective access to the richness of the Maybridge Screening Compounds with rapid access to “hit” analogues for validation and follow-up studies. Compounds are present at 10mM in DMSO.

Fundación MEDINA Natural Product Collection


2500 Extracts, 31 x 96-Well Plates


The collection is composed of chemically enriched and semi-purified fractions. These fractions were obtained from the fermentation broths of 135 widely diverse microbial strains with proven production of active secondary metabolites (bioassay and LC/MS). The microorganisms were fermented in Erlenmeyer flasks and the culture broth extracted by addition of acetone that was removed under nitrogen stream concentrating the samples. The extracts were then subjected to a reversed-phase chromatographic separation and a second orthogonal separation using gel filtration was carried out on selected fractions of this chromatography. Extracted medium controls are included. Use agreement required prior to use.